Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Club of Malaysia Boleh !!!

Everyone of our team member please give an idea or suggestion to build up our team. Especially Royaldukeness, Bob ( Korny9), Turklander, Taulanipov, Budakkampung (villageboy),Steve and others those who want to support our team to goal our target. Almost our team members had some difficult to tell us either the rules of team or game strategic . That's why we create this blog and encourage to everyone of our team member to give some idea for us. Please respond this message even you agree or not. Thank you.

Pak Chu


dinesh4mayor said...

This is a great idea Pak Chu! Hopefully we all can get to contribute or share something for the benefit of the team and for anyone that has a question to ask.

dinesh4mayor said...

I would like to share this site with all. Download free ebooks (PDF) covering various chess problems from this site:



Pak Chu said...

Thanks Duke. Hopefully everyone of our member willing to give some idea and contribution. Free ebooks with various chess problems very good for us.

Pak Chu

awang said...

hello..nape tak banyak feedback/response dr member2 MB..mungkin ramai yg tak perasan kewujudan blog ni kot Pak Chu..try send massage to all club members about this blog..mungkin akan ade lbh banyak feedback lepas tu..BTW nice website Duke! helps me a lot..


dinesh4mayor said...

Thank you Hasry. Chessville is a fun site indeed. Will be putting up more sites in relation to chess puzzles.



royaldukeness said...

Interesting sites on chess puzzles:





Have fun,


awang said...

Please review my game with clochard(team match agains Empire Strike Back)..i need some advise..this is important game!..win or draw?..tq.


Pak Chu said...

Hasry, Pak Chu nasihatkan kalau nak minta pandangan tentang game better you direct send the message to tulanipov or mr duke or pakchu . Elakkan dari tanya kat blog. Dangerous. Satu lagi cuba selalu buat puzzle yang Duke kasi tu ..bagus dia ni walaupun Singaporean tapi his is very kind and good for us. Betul tak Mr Duke? Kawan-kawan kita yang lain tu tengok2 lah game kawan kita yang lain tu bagilah pandangan sikit kenapa perlu move ke tmpt tu bukan ke tempat satu lagi itu sebagai contoh.


Pak Chu

royaldukeness said...

Betul cakap Pak Chu - LoL
Tapi Bahasa Melayu saya tidak ada standard - dapat F9 untok A-level!



nzerra said...

I am a newcomer to this community and would like to wish all the best for MB teammates.
Due to some personal reasons,I stopped playing chess so many years ago but I was triggered and so excited to play in tournament when I heard about National Women Games by WSFFM. I am totally a beginner in chess but with all your support and encouragement,I hope I can improve my chess skills and be a better player in the near future.
I am very grateful to Pak Chu and other friends here for their concern and sharing ideas for self improvement.


royaldukeness said...

Hi Everyone,

Found two sites that cover some prolific chess authors & their works. My picks are:

1) Reinfelds, Fred - 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate (BWTC) & 1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations (WCSC)
2) Polgar, Laszlo - Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games (*my personal favorite for all puzzle adrenalin rushed chess nuts - like me)
3) Chernev, Irving - Winning Chess Traps
4) Alburt, Lev - Chess Training Pocket Book: 300 Most Important Positions and Ideas

These can be found at:

There’s a list of other PGN & PDF books. Most are a repeat from what you’ll find on the Chessville site.

The Java script truly sucks & it will freeze up often! Then on other days, nothing will show up, especially the ones that are on Reinfelds. You’ll need to reboot or visit the site later. If you still have trouble getting into that page, then I’ve the PGN file.

BTW - Free sites such as this one is renowned for spy ware & crap, hence do ensure that you’ve some sort of protection from Spybot or Ad-Aware.

The World's Greatest Chess Games by Graham Burgess, John Nunn & John Emms can be found at:

The above site is not only stable & safe, but has other current GM games, Linares tournament ’99, ICC GM team matches, etc.

Nzeera – Are you in a tournament right now? Neat! Hope it goes well. If you’ve that 1400+ status going on at GameKnot, then that would sincerely place you above the beginners’ pool (IMHO) - after all, the absence after an elongated period of time has not marginalized your play (judging from the rank) so like, stay encouraged by that fact alone.

Have a great Sunday & a better tomorrow,


nizam said...

hi all..
nice to know u all..i have no comment or idea for this time..hopefully next time..wish all the best in our games..


nzerra said...

ever wonder how to checkmate using 2 knights? check this out :-)

Pak Chu said...

Thank you for all our team members.
Just to tell you all that currently our team listed in Ladder Rank and we must compete among other team in Gameknot to the best commitment. Now we are best 230 out of 336 teams ( see our team page ) We hope from time to time our player make some analysis to improve and up their rating. Unlucky, some of our player take for granted to up self improvement. Now we lost a few game because timeout. (You can find this from our team matches result ) Time out is prohibited but a few member still do it. That's why we give a last chance to change atitude and try to do the best in their games.

We hope for the next game, If we lost in the team matches , we lost as a warrior not a clown ( the clown always like the watch but he very like to throw away into the river - so the clown always timeout )Try to think why we say like that.

Thank you for all.


Pak Chu

royaldukeness said...

Hi All,

With regards to a mate that envelops the Trotsky’s line - 2 Knights & Pawn: those are as tough as it gets! Provides a nice mental workout on a CB Light ’07 - when bored (smiles)! Here’s one dedicated to Knights and other lines of study:


I’ve got Mark Lowery’s, “The 2nd Trotsky’s Line” on PDF. His article incorporates Karsten Mueller, “The Damned Pawn” from ChessCafe.com If anyone has a need for that, just let me know.

Here’s a few more on endgames that I’ve ‘Googled’ & found:


Nice meeting you too Nizam! A warm welcome & here’s wishing you the best in your games too.

Have a Blessed Day Everybody!


lobey said...

ok chu thank 4 ur info,,

Pak Chu said...

Dear all team members,
Regarding our team rules..about some enquiries from our team members. Every one must know about your score in team matches. Thats why you must understand the team rules esp. timeout policy and minus score policy ;

Upon reaching a score of (-4) or 4 games lost, that team member is not allowed to participate in new team games and is required to:

- Finish all remaining team game/s in the hope that the score of (-4) is reduced to (-3) or lower.
- And to have his/her losses looked into by a senior member of the team, so that mistakes are not repeated in the remaining team game/s.

If the score of (-4) increases to (-5) and above after all remaining team game/s are over, the team member is required to:

- Take no less than a 14-day absence from team games, or…
- Take that time to be coached by a senior member of the team.

Once the period of absence (14 days) is up, the team member is allowed up to 2 games as a trial. If a score of (-2) arrived from the trial, the above steps are repeated, but with a longer period of absence – 30 days. Upon the end of the 2nd period of absence (30 days), the team member is given 2 games as a final trial. If a minus score occurs from the final trial, that team member will be removed the team by technical team. This is in lieu of our policy as team members and having negative scores of 4*.

*(-2) from the 1st trial and (-2) from the last trial is (-4)

Our goal as team members from “Malaysian Boleh” is not to end up with a score of (-4) from our team games.” "

and now Kolol , Gloryboys ( suspended because a minus score ) budakkampung,saiful azrin and flyingbd ( because time out) was implemented by the rules of team. We hope among of our senior members ( espec. high rating ) coaching them and monitor their game.

Thank you.

Regards too.

Pak Chu

Pak Chu said...


1. 29th, January 2007, Birthday
Royaldukeness@Duke for 37 yrs

2. 14th, Februari 2007, Pupukboy@
Oliver for 24 yrs.

3. 18th February 2007, Hasry for
27 yrs.

4. 30th, April 2007, Kolol@Kamal
for 30 yrs.

5. 10th, June 2007 , Scrane@Steve
for 67 yrs.

6. 16th, June 2007, Bomblarz@Filip
for 22 yrs.

7. 20th, June 2007, Turklander@
Turk for 32 yrs

8. 24th , June 2007, Slebecnyer
@Pak Chu for 37 yrs.

9. 25th, August 2007,Nz_erra@Erra
for 33 yrs

10. 07th, November 2007,Wardina82@
Dina for 25 yrs

11. 29th, November 2007, Jomplay
chess@ Charlie for 23 yrs.

We just received 11 out of 46 the respond from our team members. Please send to us your birth date as soon as possible if you feel that you part of our team. Thank you.

Hiruma said...

30th December 2007,ian A.K.A hiruma_21 for 24 years.

Pak Chu said...


We just received the message from Luqman ( 7th January for 33 yrs ) Tanch48(19th of Arpril for 59)and Nizam_syah82 ( 7th Nov for 25 yrs )and Hiruma@Pian (30th Dis for 24 yrs) Thank you for respond and others I think they dont want to publish their birth date and may be no need to know to our team members. If you still need it, please write in direct to this blog. Good luck for you all .


Pak Chu

unikonhitam said...

congrats to all members participating created this blog, especially Pak Chu.

Pak Chu said...

Terima kasih Unikon hitam, biarlah sama sama kita support our team Malaysia Boleh. Harap semua dapat bersama sertai kita dan bagilah pendapat.


Robert said...
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Robert said...

Hi! I asked to join your team on gameknot!

I was born in Malaysia (Lutong, Sarawak) and am a fanatic chess player!

Playername: vdmarel

raito said...

can somebody tell me how this team thing going?
i need to understand it
by the way
im hibino
dob 28 january 1989
yes, a malaysian
did everybody here is malaysian?